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Market Link

Meet, Collaborate, Grow


At Market Link, we understand the importance of integration, "end to end" solution as properly maintained to provide added value for the business and industry. Market Link is present as the answer to this need through development of wide ecosystem comprising various instruments integrated to create the solution and added value for the customers.


Market Link is a community portal which provides collaborative social media services to help optimize the relations among individuals, business institutions with the information and strategy of business and industrial network expansion. It also offers wide range of business activities enabling the users to navigate, find and access business and industrial network in mutual context.

Get direct access to your business partners

Recruiting partners to support the performance of your company and optimize the interest and participation of partners in developing effective marketing and co-branding campaign. Ensuring well-organized and complete channels in pursuit of your business goals.

Expansion to business and industrial community network as expected.

Each partner is unique. You will be able to simply adapt to and expand the community of your business partners to fulfill their specific needs, even to connect your partners to exchange or share business process and date for innovative collaboration.

Connecting your Sales force to Partners.

If the strength of Salesforce is the backbone of your business, strong collaboration with the Salesforce of your partner will make it possible to generate renewed strategy, new opportunities and other positive advantages.


In the current dynamic global economy, business institution is faced with heavily competitive market pressure. As such, there is no way an institution to adopt the "wait-and-see" approach. In contrast, business institution will need to enhance its ability to innovate and react more rapidly a step ahead the competitors. In retaining competitiveness, a business institution must cope with the major challenges to succeed in today's economy. Each business institution must seek and enable itself easily accessible to users or customers and to interact with all sources of information and various strategies required to increase productivity, sales and goodwill.


As soon as your registration is complete, the information of your organization will be part of our global information system and made available online to encourage gold opportunities for you to reach.