Powering The Global Connected Society

by PT Cyberindo Aditama    |    Feb.11,2015

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Date/Time :
17 May 2016 / 09.00 - 16.00
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Grand Ballroom 1, Hotel Mulia Jakarta Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan Jakarta, Indonesia 10270.

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Keynote, Exhibition, Panel Discussion, Doorprize

Host Profile

Throughout Indonesia's communication industry history, CBN has been the stellar pioneer that amplifies in time due to its focus in business, commitment in service and endless product innovations. Founded in 1995 as PT Cyberindo Aditama, CBN has grown into a full-fledged, trusted ISP with a broad range of Internet services. Since August 2008, CBN was officially granted with license of NAP (Network Access Provider), therefore CBN has the freedom to develop its own infrastructures. CBN constantly learns the information technology curve that is ever developing, and strives to simplify life at large, by making it more accessible to the society. CBN utterly believes in communication as the ultimate investment: what is done today should always benefit the future. To all of you who share this vision, let us hold hands to a more connected, real time, and promising future. CBN has direct connections to global network ( International Upstream and Content Providers) through full end to end Submarine Fiber Optic. We also have direct connections the Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX2), OpenIXP, C2IX as well, in addition to a number of private peering connections with other local ISPs, thus strategically positioned CBN right in the center of the Indonesian Internet infrastructure. It offers advantage of fast access from literally any point in Indonesia to CBN and to the servers hosted at CBN, as it does from any point within CBN to the whole Indonesia's infrastructure. Our large international bandwidth connects subscribers and customers through a redundant connection to major providers of global Internet backbone (Tier-1 backbone providers). Supported by a large capacity of bandwidth, your data-transfer activities will surely be reliable and smooth. Today, CBN is associated with high quality and highly reliable Internet services, highly professional and responsive technical support staff, as well as the pioneer in innovation and adoption of advanced technologies to meet all the customers' demand in Internet services.